Whiteclub Hugo Theme
選択できるのは25トピックまでです。 トピックは、先頭が英数字で、英数字とダッシュ('-')を使用した35文字以内のものにしてください。
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Whiteclub Hugo theme

Inicio página

Seccion actividades

Hugo Theme specially developed for communities, HackLabs, clubs, etc.


  • Home page
  • Team tab
  • About tab
  • Activities tab
  • Blog
  • Automations with Zapier
  • Easy to use
  • MathJax support

Whiteclub Hugo Theme has been developed only on Spanish.

A demo of this theme on action here.


$ git clone https://git.radio.clubs.etsit.upm.es/Whiteclub/Whiteclub-Hugo-Theme.git themes/whiteclub


$ git submodule add https://git.radio.clubs.etsit.upm.es/Whiteclub/Whiteclub-Hugo-Theme.git themes/whiteclub



From exampleSite, copy all files and folders to the root folder of your Hugo site and change the fields on config.tml as you like.

Create pages

How to add a new post to blog

To add a new post to the blog, copy the file on exampleSite/blog/2019-01-28-Nombre-del-post-del-blog.md on the folder content/blog/ of your site, and name it with a descriptive title:


Folders should be like this:

├── content
│   ├── blog
│   │   ├── 2019-01-28-Nombre-del-post-del-blog.md

Update the file with the information of the post.

If you want to see the post run snap run hugo server.

How to add a new activity

To add a new activity to your site, copy the file on exampleSite/content/activities/2018-12-02-Taller-ejemplo.md on the folder content/activities/ of your site, and name it with a descriptive title:


Folders should be like this:

├── content
│   ├── activities
│   │   ├── 2018-09-10-Taller-Arduino.md

Update the file with the information of the activity.

If you want to see the activity run snap run hugo server.

How to add new people to Team

Team’s tab has the board member’s information every year. To add new people to team tab (Example: a new board) copy the file on exampleSite/team/1819/NOMBRE.md on the folder content/team/YEAR and name it with the name of the person. If you want to sort it (president first), you can put a number first:


Folder should be like this:

├── content
│   ├── team
|   |   ├── 1819
│   │   |    ├── 1FranAcien.md
│   │   |    ├── 2NachoLopez.md
│   │   |    ├── 3SergioSanchez.md

Update the file with the information of the person.

Pictures should be stored on static/team/, and to reference it will be /team/facien.jpg, for example.

Automations with Zapier

Zapier is a platform for automate actions. Whiteclub Hugo theme has a RSS with activities, and posts, for automate actions with Zapier. For example, send a mail when there is a new Post on the blog, or tweet a new activity.

Rss links are on:

  • Activities on https://YOURSITE/blog/index.xml
  • Posts on https://YOURSITE/activities/index.xml

With Zapier you are able to catch the important information, and zap a new action.

Math equations

Math equations are done with MathJax, following LaTeX syntax.

Math equations will be as:


There is a problem with Hugo rendering _, that is used on MathJax. So, you have to put like $ 2\_{asdf} $ or $ var_ 2$.